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Poster: LukiferEtyrnal Date: Dec 9, 2012 5:05pm
Forum: forums Subject: Facebook blocking

Wow. Just wow.

Now Facebook is blocking links from Can we please get a campaign to get this fixed??

I responded to the Facebook notice by clicking on the "let us know" link at the bottom of the dialog. My main points were:

1.) How on EARTH can it be considered "spammy" at ALL if i am posting it on MY OWN WALL? Makes NO sense. Anyone who would see it is on my friends list and is there, obviously, by having OPTED IN to the content on my wall.

2.) How is an mp3 "unsafe"?? How are links to MUSIC unsafe? Yet links to Youtube are "safe"??

3.) I created the content, and am the sole copyright holder -- in other words, i have the right to repost this whenever, and wherever i want. because i am the author.

4.) Facebook allows people to post pictures, links to pictures, videos, and llinks to videos all day long every day... all kinds of garbage... but they do not allow music links?! "Culture Nazis". Facebook allows graphical artists to post their work, creations, images, and Facebook gladly hosts images, and videos... BUT if a person is a MUSICAL artist, they not only are UNWILLING to host the music/audio, but now they are making it difficult to share it too. It's like they're ANTI-MUSICIAN. Seriously, right now You could go post some random image You find on the net, break the copyright, and share it on Your own wall, other's walls, and in messages, and chat, and NOONE will blink. But if You try to link to Your own music, they've been keeping it difficult all along, and now they are making it harder.

5.) Because a FEW people seem to think content on is "spammy", all Fb users should be blocked from seeing links on!!

check out the attached screen shot of the dialog i was presented with.

Attachment: Screen_shot_2012-12-09_at_7.04.34_PM.png

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Dec 10, 2012 7:53am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Facebook blocking

while that's not a good thing if you use an archival link it will not be blocked. just substitute in the URL for the file for everything preceding your identifier.